Product Details

25-hp V-Twin cyclonic engine


Cyclonic air-management system reduces filter maintenance for longer engine life


48 or 54-inch Accel DeepTM mower deck


22 x 9.5-in. rear tires for better traction


4-year/300 hour limited warranty


The ZTrakTM  Z535M has a 724-cc, 25-hp cyclonic engine that porvides plenty of power and torque to handle the toughest mulching, mowing and bagging conditions.  The cyclonic air-management system removes larger particles of dirt before they reach the air filter for reduced filter maintenance and longer engine life.


The Z535M is also equipped with the new Accel DeepTM mower deck, a deck that has a single-piece stamped steel shell specially shaped to maximize airflow for optimal cut quality, especially at faster speeds.  What make the Accel Deep mower deck unique is its nearly 5-inch-deep shell that extends all the way around, and it’s smooth shape.  The deep shell maximizes airflow to lift grass up for the most level cut possible.


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