Why Sinclair Tractor?

At Sinclair Tractor, we pride ourselves on being the destination in Southeast Iowa for agricultural equipment, precision farming, agronomic decision support, NAPA parts and computers. With eleven John Deere dealerships, three NAPA parts locations and a computer service location, we are looking for talented people to join our team. From competitive wages and ongoing training, to a nurturing work environment and the opportunity for growth, Sinclair Tractor is the perfect place to start your career. Here’s why….



The most important part of Sinclair Tractor is our employees. We pride ourselves as being part of the same family working toward the same goals.

At Sinclair Tractor, we work hard to uphold our reputation of honesty, integrity, and a strong sense of community. Our team includes professionals from a variety of industries, including agronomy, banking, computer programming, ag business, engineering, and more.



Always be happy with where you are, but never satisfied.

We strive to be the best place to work in our communities. Our culture and work environment are second to none and based on several core values:


•Put things in order: 1) God 2) Family, and 3) Sinclair Tractor


•Live the Serenity Prayer. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”


•Embrace the Golden Rule. “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”


Our business and the equipment industry will continue to grow. People have to eat. The world will need farmers and farmers will need equipment. The dealers providing the best solutions to customers will be the dealers that remain successful.


We are much more than a farm equipment dealership. Providing cutting-edge solutions for our customers remains a top priority. In addition to selling and servicing John Deere agricultural, turf and commercial worksite equipment, we also:


•Provide technology-driven agronomic solutions and advice to farm customers


•Offer computer sales, service, and network solutions to businesses, government agencies and consumers


•Carry a full-line of NAPA auto and truck parts



Technology done wrong negatively affects relationships. Technology done right is a huge competitive advantage.


Technology continues to move forward at an exceptional pace and it is at the forefront of everything we do. From state-of-the-art equipment and GPS systems, to computer repair and Yield Force Crop Consulting service, we do technology right.


We hire the best and brightest,

because we want you go grow and succeed.


At Sinclair Tractor, we want everyone to grow and succeed. Comprehensive training programs through our Sinclair Tractor College and a nurturing work environment help people do just that.

Business Operations

Operating and maintaining the daily operations of a successful, multi-location business requires a cohesive team.


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Sales Team

Our Sales team works to increase sales while maintaining profitability and customer satisfaction. With the rising cost of equipment, every sale is a major purchase for our customer. Positions within this department require developing relationships with customers, maintaining customer profiles, selling equipment, evaluating trade-ins, and promoting other departments within our organization.


Parts Professionals

At Sinclair Tractor, we not only carry agricultural, turf and commercial worksite equipment parts, but NAPA auto and truck parts as well. This organized, fully-stocked parts department is always ready to serve our customers.



We pride ourselves on providing top-notch service to our customers. In addition to timely in-house repairs, Sinclair Tractor runs a fleet of mobile service vehicles fully equipped and stocked with parts, so specialized technicians can efficiently make onsite repairs.


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Does technology fascinate you? Do you love a challenge? Are you passionate about agriculture? Are you looking for a career that rewards hard work with good income and benefits? If so, take a look at the variety of careers awaiting you at Sinclair Tractor. We are looking for hard working, motivated individuals to join our team.


Yield Force™ Professionals    Yield Force Logo

Yield Force™ is an exclusive Sinclair Tractor service designed to take precision farming to the next level. It allows growers to fully utilize the GreenStarsystems they already own to improve the efficiency of their farming operations. Yield Force™ helps growers analyze the data they have collected over the years and provides assistance in making the agronomic decisions required to help keep their operations as profitable as possible.


Technology today allows farmers the ability to make agronomic decisions at the 60 foot by 60 foot level in every field. Yield Force helps farmers understand how soil fertility management, hybrid seed selection, and application prescriptions affect yields, costs and the bottom line.


Silotech Computer Services            Silotech Logo

Silotech is a computer repair, sales, set-up and service company managed by Sinclair Tractor. Our highly trained and experienced staff works with local businesses and individuals to provide computer and networking support, in addition to supporting our in-house IT needs.


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