X380 Select Series


Product Details

48 or 54-inch Accel DeepTM mower deck


Powered by 22 hp iTorqueTMPower System


TwinTouchTM hydrostatic transmission


Best-in-class 4 year/300 hour limited warranty


The X380 lawn tractor is powered by a smooth-running V-Twin iTorqueTMPower System and an easy-to-use TwinTouchTM hydrostatic transmission.


The X380 features updated controls that are color-coded and easy to use, including automotive-style cruise control.  It also comes standard with an enhanced instrument display that features an electronic fuel gauge, service indicator lights, a tachometer with”Best Cut” target zone and much, much more.


The X380 is quipped with the new 42-inch Accel DeepTM Mower Deck – a deck stamped from a  single piece of 10-gauge steel that’s specially shaped to maximize airflow for optimal cut quality, especially at faster speeds.  What make this mower deck unique is its nearly 5-inch deep shell that extends all the way around, and its smooth shape.


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